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Quotes from NCAWARE users

Durham County Clerk of Superior Court Archie Smith
"At lastÖ N.C. cops and courts have the electronic technology that their Hollywood silver screen counterparts have enjoyed for years."

Wake County District Court Judge Robert Rader
NC AWARE is bad news for criminals and great news for the public and the courts.

Wake County Clerk of Superior Court Lorrin Freeman (WRAL-TV)
We are very pleased with the way [the implementation of NCAWARE] is transitioning. It helps us as clerks more efficiently serve the law enforcement community so they can help keep the public safe.

Wake County Sheriff Donnie Harrison (WRAL-TV)
This is going to be a great improvement from what weíve had in the past. Itís going to make it a safer state, safer county, because weíre able to get violators off the streets a lot quicker.

Sheriff Steve Bizzell (WTVD, Channel 11)
NCAWARE hopes to bring all of the stateís arrest warrants into one database, which all police can access through their vehicle computers. With NCAWARE, now it's live, it's online, it's up to date.

Dunn Police Chief B.P. Jones (Dunn Daily Record)
[NCAWARE] is the best thing since peanut butter. Itís a great system, and itís working just the way itís supposed to be working. We ended up with such a mess pulling suspects out of court we had 11 officers working instead of the usual two. Just think how good it's going to be when the whole state is on board.

Police Communications Manager Charlie Callahan (Dunn Daily Record)
NCAWARE has been very effective for the Dunn department. It benefits us because when we stop individuals we can actually see papers from other jurisdictions. It gives us a better awareness of who weíre dealing with and what they may be wanted for and helps us get them off the street. And it's clearing up old papers.

Clerk of Superior Court Carol Allen White (The Daily Southerner)
Any time you can enhance communication between law enforcement, youíre providing a service to the community. Itís just going to be quicker for police officers to obtain the information they need with the system.

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