Chief Judge Martin Receives John J. Parker Award
News imageNorth Carolina Court of Appeals, Chief Judge John C. Martin, received the John J. Parker Memorial Award, the highest honor given by the North Carolina Bar Association, on Saturday, June 22, in Asheville.

Martin Brinkley, immediate past president of the NCBA and chair of its Past Presidents Council, presented the award with the following remarks.

Presentation of the John Johnston Parker Memorial Award to The Honorable John C. Martin, Chief Judge, North Carolina Court of Appeals

By Martin H. Brinkley

Upon the death of John Johnston Parker in 1959, our Association created the John J. Parker Memorial Award with the intention that it be the highest honor any North Carolina lawyer can receive. And so it has been. When the Past Presidents of our Association, with the blessing of the Board of Governors, give this Award honoring Judge Parker's memory - and we deliberately do not do so every year - it seems fitting to remember his extraordinary life in passing. John Johnston Parker was for 50 years a member of the Bar of this State, for 47 years a member of this Association, for 32 years a Judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit, and for 27 years that court's Chief Judge . . .

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Publish Date: 06/24/2013