Estimated Costs of a Day of Court Released
News imageThe estimated costs of a day of court have been released, based on actual expenditures from fiscal year 2011. These estimated costs include all related state-appropriated Judicial Department personnel and operating costs associated with each type of court.

Criminal court is the most expensive, with superior criminal court costing $6,216 and district criminal court costing $4,867. Superior civil court costs $3,975 and district civil court costs $3,583. Small claims court costs $432 and estates court $266.

These estimated figures do not include costs related to indigent defense, jury payments, expert witness payments, commissions, or pass-throughs. Additionally, these estimates do not include costs incurred by individual counties for courthouse facilities, bailiffs, or security.

Sharon Gladwell, communications director
919 890-1394
Publish Date: 06/11/2012