One Clerk's Hard Work Earns $107,533 for Schools
News imageThe Board of Education's meeting on Monday, February 20, began with the presentation of a $107,533.24 check by Sam Cooper, Clerk of Superior Court for Chatham County.

Cooper said, "One person really can make a difference." He was referring to Deputy Clerk Brandalynn Lemons. Her discovery of unpaid judgments against sureties resulted in receipt of $107,533.24 that was turned over to the Chatham County Board of Education.

Lemons' efforts also resulted in the collection of an additional $343,599.92, which will be distributed among eight other counties: Alamance, Brunswick, Cleveland, Durham, Edgecombe, Moore, Orange and Wake.

"She is an example of someone taking initiative," said Cooper. "After returning from maternity leave, she returned to a job with new duties and responsibilities, which included handling the Clerk of Superior Court's role in the bond forfeiture process. Her hard work, inquisitive efforts and persistence paid off with unimagined results."

As background, multiple bond forfeiture judgments remained unpaid since 1999-2000 due to a computer glitch in software used statewide that did not completely convert all judgments from the previous system to the present system.

G.S 115C-452 provides, "The clear proceeds of all penalties and forfeitures and all fines collected in the General Court of Justice in each county shall be remitted by the Clerk of Superior Court " The funds will go to the county finance officer, who will determine what portion of the total is due to each local school administration.
Publish Date: 02/22/2012