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Warning: Residents Beware of Telephone Scam in Caswell County
News imageCaswell County court officials have been informed that residents were recently targeted in a telephone scam involving outstanding worthless checks to be paid.

An individual by the name of Vincent calls claiming to work for the Caswell County Clerk of Superior Court, and even displays the clerk's phone number (336) 459-4000 on caller ID systems. He is telling residents that they have outstanding worthless checks that they must pay off. He then gives them a phony file number and asks for their Social Security number and a credit card number.

This is a scam. The clerk of court office does not call to collect money or ask for credit card numbers over the telephone.

Do not give out such information over the phone or by email. Court staff and the Sheriff's Office will NEVER contact citizens by phone or email and ask for money, or any sensitive personal or financial information such as Social Security or credit card numbers. The public is encouraged to report any similar calls to their local county Sheriff's Office.

If you have been a victim of this or a similar scam and have shared your Social Security number, you may also want to report it to the Social Security Fraud Hotline at 1-800-269-0271 and all three major credit bureaus.
Publish Date: 05/15/2015
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