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N.C. Family Court Access and Visitation Program Supports Fatherhood
News imageThe North Carolina Family Court Access and Visitation Program is working to support fathers in their fatherhood efforts. This federally funded program enables non-custodial parents to obtain access to and visitation with their children by means of activities including mediation (both voluntary and mandatory), counseling, support groups, education, development of parenting plans, visitation enforcement (including monitoring, supervision, and neutral drop-off and pick-up), and development of guidelines for visitation and alternative custody arrangements.

Five child access coordinators provide services in six family court districts, which encompass eight counties:

Family court district 6A: Levernard Speight, 252 593-3015 x1, Halifax County
Family court district 12: Pamela Brown, 910 475-3245, Cumberland County
Family court district 14: Jimmy Lewis, 919 808-3225, Durham County
Family court district 20A and 20B: Carolyn Green, 704 698-3230; Anson, Richmond, Stanly, Union counties
Family court district 28: Kim Granelle, 828 259-6507, Buncombe County

The Administration of Children and Families in the Department of Health and Human Services was authorized by Congress to fund State Child Access Initiatives in the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996. In North Carolina, the Division of Social Services, Office of Court Based Programs, administers the federal grant. Currently, the N.C. Administrative Office of the Courts contracts with the Division of Social Services and receives a portion of the funds allocated to North Carolina to maintain access and visitation programs in judicial districts where a unified family court has been established. Access and visitation coordinators are hired locally by the chief district court judge and work within the family court program.
Publish Date: 06/27/2012
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