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1. Michael Robinson to be Sworn In as N.C. Business Court Judge
 Michael Robinson will be sworn in as a North Carolina Business Court judge on Friday, July 1, at Wake Forest University School of Law. (Published on  06/27/2016 )
2. Chief Justice Mark Martin and Governor McCrory Launch Statewide Celebration of North Carolina Courts
 Governor Pat McCrory has proclaimed the 50th anniversary of North Carolina's unified court system and district courts. The proclamation follows Chief Justice Mark Martin's statewide announcement launching a celebration of milestone anniversaries  (Published on  06/21/2016 )
3. Court Officials Recognize World Elder Abuse Awareness Day with Local Community Events across the State
 As part of North Carolina's efforts to recognize World Elder Abuse Awareness Day on June 15, court officials are hosting local community events across the state. (Published on  06/15/2016 )
4. Warning: Onslow County Residents Beware of Jury Duty Scam
 Onslow County officials have been informed that residents were recently targeted in a phone call scam involving jury duty. Report any such calls or emails received to the local sheriff's office. (Published on  06/10/2016 )
5. Study of N.C. Judicial Branch Reaches Midpoint of Work
 Public hearings scheduled in August as N.C. Commission on the Administration of Law and Justice (NCCALJ) reaches midway point of its work. Interim reports, online comments and sign-up for public hearings to be available in mid-July. (Published on  06/02/2016 )
6. N.C. Court System Launches New Online Collections and Payments System
 Citizens can now pay probation-related costs, fines and fees online with the launch of OCAP. Payments are available 24/7 for supervised and unsupervised probationers with their case file number, county that issued the charge, and a major credit card. (Published on  05/31/2016 )
7. Mental Health and Substance Use Task Force Presents Report of Recommendations
 Chief Justice Mark Martin, DHHS Secretary Rick Brajer, and Task Force members presented Governor McCrory with a report of recommendations for improving the lives of youth and adults with mental illness and substance use disorders, and their families. (Published on  05/19/2016 )
8. Chief Justice Martin Appoints Judge Tom Jarrell to Chief District Court Judge for Judicial District 18
 Chief Justice Mark Martin has appointed Judge Tom Jarrell as chief district court judge for Judicial District 18 (Guilford County), effective August 1. Judge Jarrell will succeed Judge Wendy Enochs upon her retirement.  (Published on  05/16/2016 )
9. Supreme Court to Hold Session at Historic Burke County Courthouse May 17-18
 The Supreme Court of North Carolina will hold its May session of court at the Historic Burke County Courthouse in Morganton on May 17 and 18. This will be the first time the court has traveled to Burke County since the start of the Civil War. (Published on  05/11/2016 )
10. Supreme Court of North Carolina Names New Clerk of Court
 Chief Justice Mark Martin announces J. Bryan Boyd will be appointed as clerk of court  (Published on  04/18/2016 )
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