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RPA Prospective Licensees and Access Options

The North Carolina Administrative Office of the Courts (NCAOC) offers online remote access to both criminal and civil information from all 100 North Carolina counties. Individuals can conduct real-time, statewide criminal background checks in the Automated Criminal/Infractions System (ACIS) and civil searches in the Civil Case Processing System (VCAP). The information obtained is the same as that accessed from a public terminal at any North Carolina courthouse via a terminal emulator (green screen).

The following are examples of just some of the information available in ACIS and VCAP:

  • Criminal records (check pending cases, verify prior convictions)
  • Infractions
  • Tax liens
  • Evictions
  • Judgments
Real-time access through the NCAOC ensures that the data obtained accurately reflects the data from the clerks' offices. See the following links for additional information.

Online Access Information

The NCAOC offers four criminal extracts and four civil extracts. The criminal and civil extracts contain selected fields from the Automated Criminal/Infractions System (ACIS) and the Civil Case Processing System (VCAP) respectively.

Some of the extracts are termed "historical," since they provide a point-in-time compilation of data from all records in ACIS or VCAP. The "daily" extracts either provide daily updates of the historical data or are simply recurring data extracts with the latest information in ACIS or VCAP for those fields.

Note: It is the licensee's responsibility to build its own automated system from the bulk data provided. NCAOC is unable to provide support or assistance to licensees in creating their databases, other than the file layouts supplied for each extract. View the following links for more information about extracts.

Extract Access Information

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