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Professionalism Articles
The following articles were written by Melvin F. Wright, Jr.

State Bar Journal
"Securing Our Future" Summer 2000
"Top Ten Professionalism Resolutions" Winter 2000
"Mentoring in Your Retirement" Spring 2001
"No More Than 24" Summer 2001
"Is Winning Really the Only Thing?" Fall 2001
"Officer of the Court" Spring 2003
" The State of the Legal Profession in North Carolina" Spring 2004 (with Leary Davis)
" Have You Hugged Your DA Lately?" Summer 2004
"Using Positive Peer Influence to Model Positive Change: The Professionalism Support Initiative (PSI)" Spring 2006
"The Judicial District Bar Professionalism Program" Winter 2007
"Preaching to the Choir" Summer 2008
"The F-Bomb - A Tale of Two Lawyers" Spring 2010
"I'LL SEE YOU IN COURT!" February 2012
North Carolina
"Professionalism" September 2000
North Carolina Lawyer's Weekly
"What Does Taking a Default Say About You?" April 2002
The Professional Lawyer
"Secured Leave for Attorneys" April 2008
NCBA's Young Lawyer Division - "What Can Young Lawyers Do to Enhance Professionalism?" January 2001
NCBA's Family Law Section - "Domestic Professionalism" February 2004
WCBAs Legends of the Law Series - "James D. Blount, Jr."
Book Reviews
"The Lawyer's Myth" by Walter Bennett, August 2002
Articles by CJCP Members
"Professional Relationships" by Jeri L. Whitfield
"Professionalism and the First Rule of Digging Holes" by Stephen C. Baynard
"The Age of Insolence" by Michelle Rippon
"Why I 'Dress Like a Lawyer'" by Jeri L. Whitfield
"Professionalism in Today's Court" by Judge Brenda Branch
"Building Legal Talent: Mentors, Coaches, Preceptors and Gurus in the Legal Profession" by Leary Davis
"Ethics Situations" by Hon. Fred Lind
"Professionalism Equals Punctuality" by Hon. Fred Lind
"Observations by a Physician Member of CJCP" by Dr. Jim Goodwin
"Lobsters and Lawyers article for State Bar Journal" by Woody Connette, III
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