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The State Judicial Council

The State Judicial Council is an advisory and oversight body for the Judicial Branch of Government, chaired by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court and consisting of representatives from every component of the court system, the bar, and public, non-attorney members. Its various specific and general duties (in G.S. 7A-409.1) encompass studying and monitoring the operations of the court system, and identifying areas for improvement.

Among the Judicial Council's specific areas of responsibility are to advise the Chief Justice on priorities for funding; review and advise the Chief Justice on the budget prepared by the AOC; study and recommend to the General Assembly the salaries of justices and judges and changes in expense allowances, benefits, and other compensation for other judicial officials; recommend the creation of judgeships; study and recommend to the Chief Justice performance standards for all courts and all judicial officials; study and recommend guidelines for the assignment and management of cases, including to monitor the effectiveness of alternative dispute resolution programs; recommend changes in the boundaries of judicial districts or divisions; and "monitor the administration of justice and assess the effectiveness of the Judicial Branch in serving the public and to advise the Chief Justice and the General Assembly on changes needed to assist the General Court of Justice in better fulfilling its mission."

For more information, contact Brad Fowler, officer, NCAOC Planning and Organizational Development, (919) 890-1223.

Judicial Branch Officials

  • Honorable Mark Martin, Chief Justice, Supreme Court of North Carolina, Chair
  • Honorable Linda McGee, Chief Judge, North Carolina Court of Appeals
  • Honorable Robert Hobgood, Senior Resident Superior Court Judge
  • Honorable Mac Cameron, District Court Judge
  • Honorable Kimberly Robb, District Attorney
  • Honorable Archie Smith, Clerk of Superior Court
  • Ms. Myra LeAnn Melton, Public Defender
  • Mr. Rudy Locklear, Magistrate
Other Members

Appointed by the Chief Justice: Mr. Edwin Speas
Dr. Betsy Bennett
Appointed by the Governor: Mr. Robert Spearman
Mr. David Childs
Appointed by the General Assembly,
on recommendation of:
Speaker of the House: Mr. James Phillips, Jr.
Mr. John Mozingo
President Pro Tempore of Senate: Mr. Hugh Campbell, III
Mr. Robert Harper
Appointed by the Indigent
Defense Services Commission: Mr. Thomas Maher
Appointed by the State Bar Council: Mr. Fred Moody
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