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Dispute Resolution Commission Committees

The Commission's work is processed largely through six committees composed of both Commission members and ex-officio members. (Only Commission members may vote on matters before Committees.) Any mediator, lawyer, or member of the public who has a suggestion or concern he or she would like a committee to consider, should contact the Commission's office.

Executive Committee: The Executive Committee oversees issues of budgeting, personnel, technology, and communications with mediators. This Committee also acts for the Commission in emergency matters and serves as the Commission's liaison to the Supreme Court and to the Administrative Office of the Courts. The current chair of this Committee is Judge William A. Webb.

Program Oversight Committee: This Committee helps to support the operations of the Mediated Settlement Conference (MSC), Family Financial Conference (FFS), Clerk Mediation Programs and District Criminal Court Mediation Programs and makes recommendations on policy, rules, rule revisions, and forms also serves as the Commission's liaison to judges, clerks, and court support staff. This Committee operates with two subcommittees: the Civil Subcommittee chaired by the Honorable Susan Hicks and the Criminal Subcommittee chaired by Diann Seigle.

Mediator Certification and Training Committee : This Committee makes recommedations relating to education and training requirements for mediators and drafts proposed policy, rules, and forms related to certification, certification renewal, and continuing education of mediators. The Committee also oversees the mediator certification and renewal processes. Lastly, this Committee also oversees certification of mediator training programs and assists staff in evaluating trainer applications. The current chair of this Committee is Judge J. Douglas McCullough.

Grievance Committee : This Committee reviews matters related to the moral character, conduct, or fitness to practice of applicants for mediator certification or certication renewal or of managers and trainers affiliated with certified mediator training programs or programs seeking such certification. This committee also investigates complaints about mediator conduct filed with the Commission and, where appropriate, imposes discipline. The current chair of this Committee is Judge Teresa Vincent.

Standards and Advisory Opinions Committee: This Committee recommends revisions to the Standards of Professional Conduct for Mediators, interfaces with the State Bar and other professional regulatory agencies and issues Advisory Opinions in response to mediator requests for assistance in interpreting program rules or in resolving ethical dilemmas that arise in mediation. The current chair of this Committee is Diann Seigle.

New Media Committee: This Committee oversees the Commission's website and new media platforms. The Chair of this Committee is Tom Clare.

In addition to its standing committees, from time-to-time the Commission's chair appoints ad hoc committees to assist the Commission in its work by tackling a specific issue or problem. The chair often looks beyond the Commission's membership in recruiting individuals to serve on ad hoc committees. In this way, members of the broader judicial and dispute resolution communites may be tapped for their particular expertise or experience.

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