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16 Hour Supplemental Family Trainers

16 Hour Course

The following trainers are certified to provide the 16-hour Family Financial Settlement supplemetal training course required by MSC Rule 8.A.2 for FFS Certification. (This course is intended for Mediated Settlement Conference mediators seeking dual certification to also mediate in the Family Financial Settlement Program and for applicants for FFS certification who have completed family mediation training in another State and been advised by Commission staff that they must complete a supplemental course on FFS program rules, NC Standards of Conduct, and an exam on those materials.)

Carolina Dispute Settlement Services
Alternative Dispute Resolution Clinic
Suite 120
2300 Rexwood Drive
Raleigh, NC 27602
Contact: Dawn Bryant
Tele: (919) 755-4646, Ext. 25 or (800) 960-3062
Fax: (919) 755-4644

Mediation, Inc.
Principal Trainer J. Anderson "Andy" Little
P.O. Box 16205
Chapel Hill NC 27516
Tele: (919) 636-5697 or (888) 842-6157
Fax: (919) 967-3212
Web Site:

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