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Mediation Blogs
The National Institute for Advanced Conflict Resolution has posted its picks for the top five mediation blogs on its web site at

Mediation Blogs
  • On-line Guide to Mediation - Our Editor's Choice
    (Written by Diane Levin, Marblehead, Massachusetts) Given the competition, selecting an Editor's Choice was an extremely difficult task. However, we finally narrowed our choice down to this blog which we feel is the best among a field of strong contenders. Smart, insightful, and highly readable, it consistently provides a surprising wealth of information relating to mediation, negotiation, law, and conflict management. It's excellent use of photographs also gives this blog an attractive and professional look. A great candidate to include in your browser's favorite's list.

  • Other Mediation Blogs of Note
  • Mediation Mensch
  • Negotiating Tip of the Week
  • How to Negotiate
  • ODR News Blog
  • Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School
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