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Family Court Program Services
Family Court offers many services to address the needs of the family, encompassing both children and parents. These programs have been developed in collaboration with agencies and local volunteers whose common goals are to build strong families, produce more effective parents, and reduce the risk for children. Services of the Family Court that are offered in District 8 include, but are not limited to the following programs:

Custody Mediation

The Custody Mediation Program is an alternative method to resolve disputes involving custody and visitation by facilitating a parental agreement.

Parent Education

The Parent Education Program gives separating parents a blueprint to guide their children through divorce.

Family Financial Mediation

The Family Financial Mediation Program is designed to resolve property and financial disputes, including division of property, pensions, debt, child support, and alimony, between the parties without going to court.

Child Planning Conferences

Child Planning Conferences provide families involved in juvenile cases an opportunity to be included in the decision making process to protect and care for children.

Guardian ad Litem Program

The Guardian ad Litem Program provides trained volunteers, appointed by the Court, who promote and protect the best interests of a neglected or abused child. In court, the GAL serves as an important voice for the child.
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