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Guardian Ad Litem
Guardian Ad Litem children
Did you know that there are local children in urgent need of your help?

Each year more than half a million children suffer abuse or neglect, often resulting in the need for court intervention. A Guardian ad Litem volunteer is the eyes and ears for a judge and the person who tells the child's story to the court. These volunteers are needed in every N.C. county to help judges make decisions regarding the best interests of each child. A volunteer's advocacy ensures that children have a safe permanent home and the appropriate services to lead a healthy successful life. Training, support, and supervision are offered to assist volunteers as they work to make a difference for children.

Abuse and neglect are issues faced by every town and city in our state and across the country, no matter the size. Some states may refer to volunteers as Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) while North Carolina and others use the term Guardian ad Litem, Latin for "during a lawsuit." The name may be different but for nearly 30 years the call to help has been answered by volunteers who share a commitment to doing what is best for our children.

To learn more about volunteering please contact your county office or fill in the online form to receive additional information.

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