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Helpful Related Services

Please call for additional information regarding any of the following programs.

Wake County Clerk's Office (Civil Domestic)
(919) 792-4100
The civil domestic division of the Wake County Clerk's Office handles all civil domestic filings. It is also the official record-keeper for all civil domestic cases. The clerk's office can provide litigants with copies of documents from court files and / or hearing transcripts. The Clerk's Office is also in charge of scheduling divorce hearings.

Custody Mediation
(919) 792-4425
The Custody Mediation Program provides an alternative method to resolve disputes involving custody and visitation. During mediation, parties engage in conversation with each other and a professionally-trained impartial third party to attempt to reach a Parenting Agreement. Unless good cause is shown, mediation is mandatory for all custody and visitation matters.

Child Support Enforcement
(919) 856-6630
Child Support Enforcement (CSE) works to ensure that both parents are responsible for the financial support of their children to the best of their ability. CSE may be able to assist you with your child support claims. Contact CSE directly to learn more.

(919) 828-7501
InterAct provides safety, support, and awareness to victims and survivors of domestic violence and rape / sexual assault.

Parenting Coordinators
A parenting coordinator is a court-appointed, licensed professional with special training, such as an attorney, psychologist or social worker, who may be appointed in certain circumstances to work with parents involved in a custody dispute. By helping parents work together to carry out their custody and visitation plan, conflict between parents can be reduced. More information about parenting coordinators can be obtained from the Tenth Judicial District Family Court Rules for Domestic Court.

Collaborative Family Law
Collaborative law is a statutory alternative procedure available in North Carolina for those seeking to resolve issues arising from their marital relationship by agreement rather than through judicial intervention. The collaborative law process is available to parties who consent to utilize this procedure rather than the usual court process and is governed by N.C. General Statutes Sections 50-70 through 50-79.

Collaborative law attorneys are licensed attorneys who are trained to assist clients to resolve their disputes peacefully, using collaborative problem solving techniques rather than court intervention. The process may also include, when appropriate, consultations and advice from other multidisciplinary team members, including licensed financial and mental health professionals. To find out more about the collaborative process as well as to locate local collaborative lawyers, go to

Parent Education Classes (PE4)
Parent Education Classes focus on the impact of a custody dispute on children and provides tips to help parents help their children through the process. Wake County courses are available:

  • Parents Forever: Triangle Family Services
    3937 Western Boulevard
    Raleigh, NC 27606
    (919) 821-0790
    To register or for additional information, please call (919) 821-0790 x 333

  • Parenting Choices: Lewis Consulting Services, PA
    4917 Waters Edge Drive, Suite 220
    Raleigh, NC 27606
    (919) 622-1303

  • Crossroads of Parenting & Divorce
    Raleigh classes:
    Contact Kit Stanley: (919) 932-1362;
    Durham classes:
    Visit and search Effective Co-Parenting

Family Financial Mediation
The Family Financial Mediation Program is a mandatory alternative dispute resolution program designed to resolve property and financial issues between parties without a trial in court.

Supervised Visitation Program
(919) 836-8740
Time Together is a supervised visitation program sponsored by Triangle Family Services, Inc.. This program allows children to have safe visits with their noncustodial parent and helps keep victims of domestic violence safe during the exchange of the children.

Guardian Ad Litem Program
(919) 792-5353
The Wake County Guardians Ad Litem advocate to represent and promote the best interests of abused, neglected and dependent children in the state court system.

Wake County Human Services
(919) 212-7000

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