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Stanly County Court Telephone Directory
      Telephone Fax
Superior Court Judges (704) 986-7016 (704) 986-7017
  Kevin M. Bridges    
  Senior Resident Superior Court Judge    
  Stephanie Hinson    
  Superior Court Judicial Assistant I    
Clerk of Superior Court (704) 986-7000 (704) 986-7001
  Michael Huneycutt    
  Bonnie Medlin, Bookkeeper    
  Balinda S. Clay, Civil Superior Division    
  Tanya H. Efird, Civil Superior Division    
  Janet D. Haigler, Small Claims    
  Teresa Link, Civil District Division    
  Denise Watkins, Civil District Division    
  Angela E. Cody, Cashier    
  Theresa Lewis, Special Proceedings/Involuntary Commitments/Adoptions
  Erica Brand, Special Proceedings/Involuntary Commitments/Adoptions
  Lauren Bowers, Special Proceedings/Involuntary Commitments/Adoptions
  Mary Finley, Criminal Division    
  Martha Newton-Aldridge, Criminal Division    
  Rebecca Burleson, Criminal Division    
  Katie Massingale, Criminal Division    
  Pamela Fraley, Criminal Division    
  Summer Dunevant, Criminal Division    
  Tammy B. Griffin, Estates Division    
  Melissa W. Moose, Estates Division    
  Magistrates Office (704) 986-7019  
  Joe Faulkner
  Joseph G. Faulkner
  Todd Lowder
  Charles M. Parker
  Tim Caulder
Public Defender
District Attorney, T. Lynn Clodfelter (704) 986-7010 (704) 986-7011
  Physical Address:    
    201 S. Second Street, 3rd floor, Albemarle, NC 28001
  Mailing Address:    
    P.O. Box 1241, Albemarle, NC 28002
District Court Judges    
  William C. Tucker, Chief District Court Judge (704) 986-7012 (704) 986-7013
  John R. Nance (704) 986-7012 (704) 986-7013
  Angie Jones, Judicial Assistant II (704) 986-7012 (704) 986-7013
Guardian ad Litem (704) 698-3238 (704) 698-3122
Family Court    
  Tennelle Hann, Administrator (704) 986-7012 (704) 986-7013
  Family Court Case Coordinator    
  Custody Mediator (704) 986-7087 (704) 986-7013
  Access & Visitation Coordinator (704) 986-7086 (704) 986-7013
Court-Ordered Arbitration (704) 986-7012  
Official Court Reporter    
  Lisa D. Smith (704) 779-3674  
Court Picture