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District Court Judges
District Court judges are attorneys elected for each district for four-year terms and must reside in the district in which they are elected. The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of North Carolina designates one of the judges as Chief District Court Judge, and this judge has administrative duties, including assigning the judges to sessions of court.

Both civil and criminal cases are heard in District Court. The civil district court handles matters dealing with domestic issues such as custody, child support, equitable distribution and divorce actions. For the trial of all civil actions in which the amount in controversy is $25,000 or less district court would be the proper division. Domestic relations cases involving alimony, child support, child custody, divorce, equitable distribution, and juvenile matters are also heard in this court. In criminal cases, District Court has exclusive original jurisdiction over misdemeanor cases and most traffic offenses.

There are nine District Court Judges in Pender and New Hanover Counties. District Criminal Court handles infractions, misdemeanors, probable cause hearings, first appearances, bond hearings, juvenile court, drug treatment court, and administrative traffic court.

Chief District Court Judge
J.H. Corpening, II

District Court Judge
James. H. Faison, III
Sandra Ray
Richard Russell Davis
Melinda H. Crouch
Jeffrey E. Noecker
Chad E. Hogston
Robin Wicks Robinson

Lindsey L. McKee

District Court Judicial Assistant

Sherri Turner

Mailing Address:
W. Allen Cobb Judicial Annex Building
316 Princess Street, Suite 328
Wilmington, NC 28401
Office: (910) 772-6612
Fax: (910) 772-6613
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