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Pasquotank County Court Telephone Directory
    Telephone Fax
Clerk of Superior Court (252) 331-4600 (252) 331-4680
  Connie James Thornley    
Magistrates (252) 331-4599  
  Leonard Custis    
  Gary H. Littleton    
  Stephen R. Masters    
  Michael D. Morris, III    
Public Defender
Probation Office's Juvenile Court (252) 331-4759  
  Pasquotank County (Courthouse)
  1305 McPherson St., Suite A, Elizabeth City, NC 27909
  Arlene Marshall, Office Assistant  
  Eva Anderson, Court Counselor  
  Peter Aitken, Court Counselor  
  Donald Cooper, Court Counselor  
  Clarence Barnes, Court Counselor  
  Sherri Ellington, Chief Court Counselor  
Guardian ad Litem (252) 331-4755 (252) 331-4789
District Court Judge    
  Phone/Fax for all DC Judges (252) 331-4500 (252) 331-4684
  Mailing/Physical Address:
  206 E. Main Street (27909)
  P.O. Box 366
  Elizabeth City, NC 27907-0366
  C. Christopher Bean, Chief District Court Judge  
  Edgar L. Barnes  
  Amber Davis    
  Eula E. Reid    
  Robert P. Trivette    
  Marie Corbett, District Court Trial Court Coordinator
    (252) 331-4500 (office)
  Lisa A. Sawyer, Judicial Assistant/Arbitration Coordinator
    (252) 331-4507 (office)
  Deborah James, Custody Mediator (252) 340-3752 (cell)
Superior Court Judges (252) 475-5216 (252) 475-5217
  Jerry R. Tillett, Senior Resident Superior Court Judge  
  J. Carlton Cole  
  Dee Ivey, Superior Court Trial Court Coordinator  
District Attorney (252) 331-4530 (252) 331-4683
  Andrew Womble  
Official Court Reporters    
  Tonya Dowdy-Doxey (252) 491-2512  
  Amy R. Forbis (252) 261-2093  
Court Picture