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Family Court Volunteering
The Family Court encourages voluntary participation in the development and operations of the Family Court. While enhancing the Family Court, volunteers receive the satisfaction of rendering a real and valuable service to their community.

As a volunteer, you can assist with:
  • Administering Customer Service Surveys to Attorneys and Litigants
  • Data Entry
  • Mass Mailings
  • General Clerical Work
  • Developing Resource Information for the Public
  • Special Projects or Events
  • Receptionist and Greeter Duties

Volunteers do not receive monetary compensation, but are rewarded in other ways:

  • You learn about the Court
  • You gain experience and skills that will enable you to help yourself and others
  • You enhance your resume
  • You explore new career paths
  • You make new friends
  • You enjoy personal growth
  • You are able to help make your community a better place

Being a Family Court volunteer could be beneficial to you and to the Family Court. In the Court, you will find a great group of people from all walks of life with one thing in common-- they enjoy helping others. If you are wondering if it is right for you, check it out. You won't know until you try.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please email a brief letter of interest and resume to the Community Access & Outreach Administrator at

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