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A Family for Every Child

CHILD 1: I felt like it was just me, you know a child that was really the only foster child in that home.

CHILD 2: In foster care I didn't know when I was going to be with my brothers.

CHILD 3: we felt left out.

NARRATOR: Every child deserves the love and support of a family. This is the belief behind National Adoption Day a collective national effort to raise awareness of the one hundred fourteen thousand children in foster care available and waiting to be placed in permanent, loving homes.

Video is approximately 4 minutes. Windows Media Player v.7.0 or higher required.

ADULT 1: National Adoption Day started as an idea in Los Angles. In 1999, and, and the judge had a wonderful idea of addressing the backlog of children who were waiting to be adopted and so he said lets open up the courts volunteers, attorneys, advocates, social workers, whoever we can get together on one Saturday and simply get the job done.

ADULT 2: One thousand children were adopted in that first year. Today, over fifteen thousand children have been permanently placed and adopted into safe loving families.

ADULT 3: We've been married twenty two years, um, right around our tenth year together, we really want to have a family but it just wasn't happening, Tom said why don't we try adoption and I said are you sure, and he says yeah, so we said started the process, and here we are today. We wanted one child, but we

ADULT 4: we fell in love with three

ADULT 3: yeah

NARRATOR: On National Adoption Day thousands of children are legally placed in permanent families. But what began as a single day event has grown into a national movement with hundreds of events taking place in all fifty states. Communities in national adoption day and coalition members work tirelessly throughout the year to raise awareness about the need to find adopted families and to help navigate the adoption process

ADULT 4: Don't let the process, um, scare you. Um, what you think the process is intimidating, is not, uh the end result is more rewarding than what you would ever expect. My life is more, rich because of my children

ADULT 1: This is such a critical issue that exists is every community across the country. We urge everyone to get involved and it's easy. You can simply go to the National Adoption day dot org our website and learn much more about the day much more about foster care adoption and simply how to get involved.

CHILD 2: The one special moment on Adoption Day was when the judge said that we were adopted I was so happy 'cause I could finally call this family my own. And could be me whenever I wanted, I was so happy, I had a family.

CHILD 3: I felt like I could he happy for once in my life.

CHILD 1: And now we have a family

NARRATOR: National Adoption Day is supported by the Alliance for Childrens Rights, Casey Family Services, Children's Action Network, Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute, Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption and Freddie Mac Foundation. To get involved and learn more visit national adoption day dot org.

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