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Administrative Criminal Courtroom 1130
Courtroom 1130 is an administrative court that handles misdemeanors and traffic cases. This is a high volume court with 800-1100 cases scheduled each day. Please bring your pink citation and any other relevant paperwork to court with you. No trials are held in this courtroom. Five types of business are conducted in this courtroom:
  1. Reduced traffic tickets (discretion of district attorney)
  2. Accept guilty pleas
  3. Set trial dates for offenses in which defendant chooses to plead not guilty
  4. Advise of rights to court appointed attorney
  5. Options for possible enrollment into certain court related programs
Below are five commonly used court related programs, three of which have additional information accessible on the Mecklenburg County portion of this website.

  • Defensive Driving School - The Safety and Health Council of North Carolina offers six defensive driving course alternatives for traffic violators to attend in Mecklenburg County.

  • Drug Education School - (for alcohol or marijuana offenses)

  • Deferred Prosecution - (no prior criminal conviction and must be willing to plead guilty)

  • Worthless Check Program - This program allows you to avoid an appearance in court and a conviction on your record. When you pay the money you owe, your case will be dismissed.

  • Dispute Settlement Program - The Dispute Settlement Program (DSP) provides mediation and conciliation services for Charlotte-Mecklenburg residents for such issues as neighborhood situations, consumer complaints, misdemeanor criminal charges, employee-employer disputes and landlord-tenant disagreements.
If you qualify for one of the above mentioned court programs, you would be given information in the courtroom that would explain the program in greater detail.

Click here for current court costs. You may pay your costs/fine at the Cashiers window on Level 1 of the Mecklenburg County Courthouse. Cash, Money Orders or Bank Checks are acceptable methods of payments. Personal Checks are not accepted. Money Orders or Bank Checks should be made payable to: Clerk of Superior Court.

All costs/fines are due by 5:00 p.m. to the Clerk's Office or by 12:00 midnight to the Magistrate's office, unless the Judge gives you an extension of time in which to pay.
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