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Citizens Involved In Volunteering in the Court System (CIVICS)
The Community Access and Outreach Division successfully implemented a volunteer program in 2005. The Citizens Involved in Volunteering In the Court System (CIVICS) program was established as a way to allow citizens an opportunity to take on an active role in the justice system. There are many misconceptions about the court system that are often perpetuated through movies, television, and books. By volunteering, citizens are able to see first-hand exactly how the justice system operates and develop a more realistic perspective. While volunteers do not receive monetary compensation, they are rewarded in other ways:
  • You learn about the North Carolina Judicial System

  • You gain experience and skills that will enable you to help yourself and others

  • You enhance your resume

  • You explore new career paths

  • You make new friends and associates

  • You enjoy personal growth

  • You are able to make your community a better place to live and work

Volunteers helping citizens who visit the courthouse also provides for a more user-friendly environment, and creates a better sense of community. You must be at least 18 to volunteer. A clean criminal history is required. Free parking is provided. The ability to speak Spanish is a plus.

To apply, please submit a letter of interest along with an application and resume, by mail, fax, or email to:
Community Access and Outreach Division
832 East Fourth Street - Suite 4420
Charlotte, NC 28202
Fax: 704-686-0340
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