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Lessons, Activities and Educational Programs (LEAP)
Lessons, Activities and Educational Programs (LEAP) About the North Carolina Judicial System for Teachers has been created by the Community Access and Outreach division to assist teachers in educating students about the North Carolina and Mecklenburg County court system. The multiple layers, rules, and procedures of the North Carolina court system can be confusing. For many people, the only contact they will have with the court system is through jury duty. While jury duty is a vital part of the court system, there is much more information about the courts that is important for students to know and understand. From the role of juries and the process of jury selection to the difference between civil and criminal court cases and possible careers in the court system, the resources contained in LEAP will provide a basic understanding of the operation of the North Carolina General Court of Justice in the 26th Judicial District. Each lesson plan specifies a corresponding competency goal or objective as determined by the North Carolina State Board of Education. These resources have primarily been focused to those students taking the courses tenth grade Civics and Economics and Contemporary Law and Justice.

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