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Lee County Court Telephone Directory
  Location Main Number Fax Number
  1400 S. Horner Blvd. 919-718-6300 919-718-6301
  Sanford, NC 27330    
  Mailing Address:    
  P. O. Box 4209    
  Sanford, NC 27331    
  Courier Box #14-46-27    
  Fax 919-718-6301    
Clerk of Superior Court    
  Susie K. Thomas, Clerk of Superior Court 718-6300 718-6301
  Gloria Norris, Deputy 718-6300  
Bookkeeping & Cashiers    
  Jamie Oldham, Deputy 718-6322  
  Dawn Windham, Deputy 718-6323  
  Shana Barnes, Deputy 718-6332  
Civil/Child Support/Small Claims/Special Proceedings    
  Robin Bell, Assistant 718-6337  
  Kim Brightman, Deputy 718-6339  
  Wanda Yarborough, Deputy 718-6338  
  Alex Vargas, Deputy 718-6336  
  Ryan Oglesbee, Deputy 718-6340  
  Sheree Hodges, Deputy 718-6335  
  Sharon Linney, Assistant 718-6320  
  Ryan Davidson, Deputy 718-6340  
  Kim Brightman, Deputy 718-6339  
Criminal District    
  Libby Garrett, Assistant 718-6327  
  Angie Clark, Deputy 718-6325  
  Sharon Beasley, Deputy 718-6328  
  Carolyn Rogers, Deputy 718-6326  
  Gloria Norris, Deputy 718-6329  
  Amber Eckel, Deputy 718-6324  
  Lisa Williams, Deputy 718-6330  
Criminal Superior    
  Sharon Sawyer, Assistant 718-6321  
  Angie Clark, Deputy 718-6325  
Custody Mediator 718-6316 718-6301
District Attorney 718-6310 718-6311
  Melanie Webster, Victim Witness Legal Assistant 718-6352  
  Sonja Potter, Legal Assistant 718-6353  
  Jennifer Marano, Legal Assistant 718-6350  
Guardian ad Litem 910-814-4690 910-814-2675
  District Court    
  Chief District Court Judge, Jacquelyn L. Lee  
    919-209-5452 919-209-5490
  District Court Trial Court Coordinator  
  Kimberly W. Jeffreys 919-209-5452 919-209-5490
  Superior Court    
  Senior Resident Superior Court Judge, C. Winston Gilchrist  
    910-814-4488 910-814-4487
  Superior Court Trial Court Coordinator  
  Natalie Munz 910-814-4488 910-814-4487
Jury Clerk    
  Sheree Hodges, Deputy 718-6335  
Magistrates 718-6319 718-6382
Public Defender
Disability Access Coordinator (919) 718-6327  
Related Court Services    
  Adult Probation 776-0639  
  Juvenile Services 774-9515  
  Board of Elections 718-4646  
  Dept. of Social Services 718-4690  
  Jail 718-4567  
  Register of Deeds 718-4585  
  Sheriff's Dept. 718-4560  
Court Picture