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Court Telephone Directory
Main Number Fax Number
Area Code (910)
Clerk of Superior Court 814-4600 814-4560
Marsha L. Johnson, Clerk of Court 814-4630
Reneé Stanley Whittenton, Assistant Clerk 814-4646
Bookkeeping/Cashier 814-4555
Cheryl Brown, Supervisor/Assistant 814-4551
Sonia Hobson, Assistant 814-4584
Brittany Hargrove, Deputy 814-4620
Cashier 814-4555
Mary B. Byrd, Deputy 814-4554
Glorimar Figueroa, Deputy 814-4589
Liz Morris, Deputy 814-4613
Civil 814-4632
Carmilla Tucker, Supervisor/Assistant 814-4617
Jacqui Stewart, Assistant 814-4553
Beth O'Kelley, Deputy 814-4621
Susie Maxwell, Deputy 814-4612
Michelle Burgess, Deputy 814-4615
Teresa Enzor, Deputy 814-4559
Phyllis Council, Deputy 814-4557
Janice Stephens-Pemberton, Deputy 814-4636
Sherry Stancil, Deputy 814-4632
Criminal 814-4588
Vivian Jackson, Supervisor/Assistant 814-4616
Marsha Abney, Assistant 814-4580
Beverly Denning, Deputy 814-4582
Jennifer Morrison, Deputy 814-4649
Sandy McLean, Deputy 814-4622
Julie Taylor, Deputy 814-4556
Estates, Special Proceedings 814-4640
Reneé Stanley Whittenton, Supervisor/Assistant 814-4646
Daniel McNeill, Assistant 814-4638
Whitney Huggins, Deputy 814-4614
Juvenille 814-4605
Sandra Paye, Deputy 814-4581
Suzette Smith, Deputy 814-4586
Jury 814-4570
Whitney Huggins, Deputy 814-4614
Jury Instruction Line 814-4606
Court Reporter
Custody Mediator
District Attorney
Guardian Ad Litem
District Court
Chief District Court Judge, Jacquelyn L. Lee
(919) 209-5452 (919) 209-5490
District Court Trial Court Coordinator
Kimberly W. Jeffreys (919) 209-5452 (919) 209-5490
Superior Court
Senior Resident Superior Court Judge, C. Winston Gilchrist
814-4488 814-4487
Superior Court Trial Court Coordinator
Natalie Munz
Civil 814-4499
Public Defender
Disability Access Coordinator (910) 814-4646  
Court Picture