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Trial Court Administration

Guilford County is one of 10 districts authorized to have a Trial Court Administrator (TCA). The TCA reports to the Senior Resident Superior Court Judge and the Chief District Court Judge. This state-funded position was established to improve the administration of justice through professional management. The TCA carries out the policies of the Senior Resident Superior Court Judge and Chief District Court Judge and provides management for the operations of the court system in the district.

Our Mission is:

  • To provide courteous, respectful and dependable service;
  • To maintain collaborative interaction;
  • To promote a responsive, accessible and sensible court system;
  • To assist in the development of creative solutions to administrative problems.
Office of Trial Court Administration & Judicial Support Staff

The "Executive Component" of the trial court is comprised of the Senior Resident Superior Court Judge, Chief District Court Judge and Trial Court Administrator. The role of the Trial Court Administration staff is to assist in the management of the day-to-day operations of the trial courts. In Guilford County this includes:
  • District civil case management and administration of arbitration program
  • Superior civil case management and administration of mediated settlement conference program
  • Local rule and administrative policy development
  • Jury management
    • Determining number of jurors to summons
    • Addressing request for jury excuses
    • Staff to Jury Commission
  • Coordination of foreign language and deaf interpreting services for the Court
  • Court reporting and recording coverage
  • Courthouse facilities issues:
    • Americans with Disabilities Act contact
    • Assignment of courtrooms
    • Assessment of space needs
    • Court facility planning
    • Review of court security
  • Judiciary's liaison with county and state agencies
  • Media contact
  • Development and presentation of county budget and grant proposals
  • Publish periodic reports on court operations for court and public
  • Prepare grant proposals, and administer grants to support innovative approaches and services
The Trial Court Administrator also works with other court officials as a facilitator for change by initiating and coordinating discussions and by identifying problems and recommending solutions to improve the court system. You may contact us by:

Mail: Greensboro Courthouse
PO Box 3008, Greensboro, NC 27402
  High Point Courthouse
PO Box 2434, High Point, NC 27261
Phone: (336) 412-7900  (Greensboro)
Fax: (336) 412-7901
Phone: (336) 822-6716  (High Point)
Fax: (336) 822-6717
Superior Court Support Staff: Craig R. Turner, Trial Court Administrator

Sharon B. Allgood, Trial Court Coordinator (GSO)

Amanda J. Leazer, Trial Court Coordinator (HP)

Roberta J. Curry, Judicial Assistant

Judicial Support Staff: Monica Hughes, Trial Court Coordinator (GSO)
(336) 412-7800

Stephanie Wallace, Trial Court Coordinator (HP)
(336) 822-6713

Joyce Jasper-Morant, Judicial Assistant I

Patricia Dixon, Judicial Assistant II

Doretta Sims, Judicial Assistant II

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