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Parent Education

Parenting Education is a court-implemented educational program for separating parents. The program will educate parents about the needs of their children during and after the separation or divorce process.

  • To provide parents with the information necessary to continue parenting in ways which support children's positive adjustment to their parents' separation.
  • Help parents understand that children need a continued and meaningful relationship with both parents.
  • Reduce parental conflict and keep children out of the middle.
  • Educate parents about the effect of continued conflict between parents on their children's emotional well being.
  • Facilitate adjustment to the familial separation and subsequent family reorganization.
  • Increase effective communication between separated parents.
  • How parents can help their children through the divorce process.
  • The stages of growth and development of children and what reactions to their parent's divorce are normal for children based on their ages.
  • Helpful ways to communicate with children about divorce.
  • The grieving stages common to children going through the separation of their parents.
  • Helpful ways to share parenting responsibilities.
  • Parents' financial responsibilities for meeting the needs of their children.
  • Helpful ways to encourage cooperative behavior with an ex-spouse or significant other.
  • Consequences of parental separation on children, and ways to facilitate the familial transition.

Parents will attend "Mending Hearts - An Educational Program for Separating Parents" in conjunction with the Custody Mediation Orientation session. The parenting class will last approximately one hour, and is added to the one hour Mediation Orientation for a total of two hours. This class is provided at no cost to the participants. Your Family Court Case Manager can furnish the date and time of the class.

  • Parties to a custody or visitation action may attend either by court order or voluntarily (as space allows).
  • The class is for adults only, and parents may attend together or separately.
  • Parents are expected to attend on time and with an open mind.

District 8, through the AOC, contracts with two private providers, one in Lenoir County and one in Greene County, to provide parents an additional 4-hour skill-building class focusing on improving communication skills and providing information on parenting, co-parenting, child and court issues. Your Family Court Case Manager can furnish the date and time of the class.
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