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Frequently Asked Questions
How do I qualify?
You qualify if you are paying child support but are unable to spend quality time with your child. You must contact the Child Access Coordinator for an interview at 919-808-3225 to determine Family Court's ability to assist you with access problems.

How much does it cost?
There is NO cost to participate in this program. However, there may be fees that are associated with your referral(s) to other agencies and/or services. Costs will be discussed with you prior to any referral.

Am I the only party receiving help?
NO! Children need consistent parenting and financial support to make the most of their developmental years. BOTH parents can help their children develop social, emotional, and intellectual skills - to their full potential. By working as a team, BOTH parents can build a strong and loving relationship with their children to help them grow up happy, healthy, and capable. But most of all, what your child needs most is BOTH OF YOU!
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