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Civil Steps to Take
Steps to take when Domestic Violence is a Civil offense
  1. File a complaint in the civil clerk's office on the 1st floor of the Durham County Judicial Building, 510 South Dillard Street.
  2. Currently there are no filing fees charged.
  3. A judge can order that the abuser not assault, threaten, or harass you; that you keep possession of the residence, vehicle, and your personal property; that the abuser stay away from you, your residence, your work.
  4. An order can be granted for up to one year and can be renewed before it expires.
  5. You must keep a copy of your order with you at all times.
  6. If the abuser violates the order, call the police.
  7. It is a crime to violate a Protective Order, and the abuser can be arrested or you can get a warrant.
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