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Access & Visitation Services
Intake and Service Referral

Our program completes an assessment of each client and determines any needs they may have. The program staff then works with individuals to develop a plan and makes direct referrals to community programs and services.

Responsible Fatherhood Workshops

The Fatherhood Workshop is a 12-week program developed through the National Fatherhood Initiative and addresses issues such as parenting skills, discipline, communicational skills, anger, and other topics.

Parent Support Group

The parent support group gives non-custodial parents the opportunity to talk to other parents about any problems, concerns or frustrations they may have on different issues such as parenting and child support.

Visitation Legal Clinics

Once paternity and child support has been established you may attend our visitation clinics, which will provide information on how to file a court case for visitation.

Custody Mediation Services

The Custody Mediation Program is an alternative method to resolve disputes involving custody and visitation by facilitating a parental agreement.

Supervised Visitation Program

The Safe Haven Supervised Visitation Center provides families a safe, neutral and family-friendly environment to exchange and visit with children. Parties may choose to use the services of the center or may be referred through the court.

Contact the Access & Visitation Coordinator for additional information on any of these programs or services at (910) 321-3816.
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