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Family Court Administration in Cumberland County
Family Court Office
Telephone: (910) 475-3015
Fax: (910) 475-3036

Family Court Administrator
Sanya Eller, J.D.
Telephone: (910) 475-3222
Family Court Case Coordinators
Bobbi L. Mattocks--Domestic
Telephone: (910) 475-3225

Ramona McNeill--Domestic
Telephone: (910) 475-3226

Pamela Brown--Access & Visitation
Telephone: (910) 475-3245

Amber C. Hayes--Domestic Case Coordinator / FFM Coordinator
Telephone: (910) 475-3227

Daisy Thorne--Juvenile / Family Treatment Court Coordinator
Telephone: (910) 475-3228

Mediation Staff
Rhonda Batten, Custody Mediator
Rhonda C.

Dr. Mary Whitfield-Williams, Custody Mediator

Patricia Davis-Mediation Coordinator

Telephone: (910) 475-3014
Fax: (910) 475-3037
State Only Family Court Contacts
Stephanie Nesbitt
Telephone: (919) 890-1204

Mia LaMotte
Telephone:(919) 890-1207

Court Picture