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Court Telephone Directory
Superior Court Judges
  Douglas B. Sasser, 910-641-4416 Main
    Senior Resident Superior Court Judge 910-641-4417 Fax
  Sherry McPherson, 910-641-4482
    Superior Court Trial Court Coordinator 910-641-4481
  Denise Maultsby, 910-641-4416
    Superior Court Judicial Assistant II 910-641-4481
District Court Judges
  Jerry A. Jolly, 910 641-4412 Main
    Chief District Court Judge 910 641-4413 Fax
  Napoleon B. Barefoot, Jr.,  
    District Court Judge  
  Thomas V. Aldridge,  
    District Court Judge  
  Nancy C. Phillips,  
    District Court Judge  
  William F. Fairley,  
    District Court Judge  
  Marion R. Warren,  
    District Court Judge  
  District Court Judge 910-253-8234 Main
    District Court Trial Court Coordinator 910 253-8120 Fax
District Attorney , Jon David
    Bladen County 910 872-7300
    Columbus County 910 641-4410
Clerk of Superior Court
  Sheila S. Pridgen 910-641-4400
      910-641-4401 Fax
Court Reporter
    Deborah Simmons 910-642-5925
Guardian Ad Litem 910-641-3095
  Whiteville (Jail) 910-641-3090
      910-641-3094 Fax
  Tabor City 910-653-2134
      910-653-3209 Fax
  Lake Waccamaw 910-646-1329
  Magistrate / Clerk of Court - Courthouse Annex 910-641-4419
      910-641-4420 Fax
Public Defender
Related Agencies
  Juvenile Services 910 641-3080 Main
      910 641-0245 Fax
  Probation and Parole 910 642-6531 Main
      910 642-2645 Fax
    Katherine Horne 910 640-3082 Main
      910 640-1672 Fax
    Chris Batten 910 642-6551 Main
      910 642-4321 Fax
Court Picture