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Administrative Traffic Court

The purpose of Administrative Traffic Court is to dispose of uncontested traffic infractions and other minor traffic offenses in a manner that will not overwhelm the regular criminal court calendar.

Administrative Traffic Court is held on the following days of each month:

The First (1st) Thursday of the month is reserved for individuals who wish to represent themselves. Court begins at 9:00 a.m. in Courtroom 2A of the Chatham County Justice Center. This is your opportunity to meet with a prosecutor to discuss your ticket.

  • If your case is not disposed of during a First Thursday session of court, you will be given a "traffic compliance" court date on the Fourth (4th) Friday of a following month. On the Fourth Friday setting you will need to bring with you any documentation requested by the District Attorney (certificate from your assigned driving class, your motor vehicle's inspection/registration, certified copy of your driving record, etc). You will also be expected to pay all court costs, fines and fees at that time. Payments must be in cash or money order (to the Chatham County Clerk of Superior Court).
  • Having a Certified copy of your Driving Record with you on your first court date may eliminate the need for you to come back to court on a traffic compliance date. If you decide to bring a copy of your record for the District Attorney to review, please be sure it is a Certified Driving Record . You can order your North Carolina Driving Record at the NCDMV website.
  • If you wish to contest your ticket by pleading Not Guilty and take your case to trial before a Judge, the District Attorney will continue your case to the next available court date for the officer who wrote the ticket. NO TRIALS WILL BE HELD ON ADMINISTRATIVE TRAFFIC COURT DATES.
  • You must be in court on your assigned court date (or hire an attorney to appear on your behalf).
  • The District Attorney's Office cannot grant continuances over the phone.
  • The District Attorney's Office cannot discuss your ticket with you outside of your assigned court date.

The Second (2nd) Thursday of the month is reserved for Defense Attorneys who have been retained on Chatham County traffic cases. Court begins at 9:00 a.m. in Courtroom 2B of the Chatham County Justice Center.

DEFENSE ATTORNEYS PLEASE NOTE: The ACIS system will always list your client's court date as the First Thursday of the month. Cases not handled on the First Thursday are held open for Defense Attorneys until the Second Thursday. No cases are "called and failed" until after the Second Thursday of the month. PLEASE DO NOT APPEAR IN COURT ON THE FIRST THURSDAY. The First Thursday setting is reserved for pro se matters only.

    Accepted Traffic Schools for Chatham County cases:

  • AAA - 866.741.6688 - (8 hr online and "in person" class)
    AAA Traffic Safety School
  • AlertDriver - 919.408.0745 - (online class only)
  • Jenkins' Driving School - ("in person" classes only) - 919.771.7730 or 919.771.7731 (en Espaņol)

These are the only driving schools that will be accepted. If you wish to take a different driving school, that school must be approved specifically by the District Attorney who negotiates your case.

PLEASE NOTE: Drivers aged 19 or under (on the date of offense) must attend an "in person" class for a reduction.

The Chatham County Justice Center is located at 40 E. Chatham Street in Pittsboro, NC.

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