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Court Officials and Offices
The North Carolina judicial system is comprised of several different offices with specific roles and responsibilities. Information on these offices and the court officials that administer them can be found on the adjoining column.

The 19A Judicial District is composed of a team of professionals working together to ensure that the laws of North Carolina are interpreted and administered fairly, impartially, and as efficiently as possible.

Senior Resident Superior Court Judge
Honorable Martin B. McGee
effective 1/2015
Special Superior Court Judge Honorable Clarence E. Horton, Jr.
Superior Court Trial Court Coordinator Karan B. Whitley
Chief District Court Judge Honorable William G. Hamby, Jr.
District Court Judge Honorable D. Brent Cloninger
District Court Judge Honorable Donna H. Johnson
District Court Judge Honorable Christy E. Wilhelm
District Court Judge Honorable Nathaniel M. Knust
District Court Judicial Assistant Kelly S. Guza
District Court Trial Court Coordinator Patty Hoskins
Clerk of Superior Court Honorable William W. (Bill) Baggs
District Attorney Honorable Roxann L. Vaneekhoven
Senior Magistrate TBA
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