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Family Court Office Staff
Location 119 N. Washington Street
  Wadesboro, NC 28170
Courthouse Hours 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Main Phone Number (704) 994-3812
Fax Number (704) 994-3813

Tennelle Hann - Family Court Administrator

The Family Court Administrator manages the office, coordinates court schedules and supervises the activities of staff.

Cindy Dycus - Family Court Case Coordinator

Your Family Court Case Coordinator will be your contact person for questions about your case. Family Court Case Coordinators assist attorneys and private individuals with domestic and juvenile cases, such as - Divorce, Alimony, Equitable Distribution of Marital Property, Child Custody, Child Support and other family related matters. The case coordinators arrange for services such as mediation or parenting apart education that the family members (adults and children) might need to reach a resolution of the conflicts without having to proceed with an adversarial hearing in court. When a judge does need to hear matters involving that family and to issue orders in the case, the case coordinators will make sure that the case is ushered through the system as efficiently and effectively as possible. Each time you contact your Family Court Case Coordinator, please be prepared to :
  • Clearly explain what information you are seeking.
  • Provide your file number, which is located in the upper right hand corner of your court documents. Example: 00-CVD-0123 or 05-JA-0321 .

Emily Westover - Access and Visitation Coordinator

The Access and Visitation Program is a resource for non-custodial parents to seek access to and visitation with their children. There are five access and visitation coordinators in six judicial districts that work directly with non-custodial parents who want to have visitation with their children but have limited or no contact with them. The coordinators assist non-custodial parents in removing barriers that prevent them from visiting their children. The coordinators accept and actively seek referrals from child support enforcement courts, family court judges, child support enforcement agents, attorneys, human service providers and other sources. The access and visitation coordinators perform individual case management and work to develop and maintain an active presence in the community to inform the public, social service agencies and organizations about the services offered to parents by the Access and Visitation Program. The access and visitation coordinators also identify needed services that are not offered in the community and work with local agencies and organizations to seek funding and implement these additional services, such as mentoring programs for fathers and supervised visitation and exchange centers.

Family court staff CAN:
Explain the court process to you
Provide court forms
Schedule conferences, trials and other court events
Inform you of upcoming court events
Answer questions regarding the status of your case
Ensure that reports, services, evaluations and court orders are completed in a timely manner
Direct you to other agencies and community resources for additional help

Family court staff CANNOT:
Give you legal advice
Interpret court orders
Help you fill out forms
Tell you what to say or write
Represent you in court
Give messages or information to the judge assigned to your case
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