District Attorney
The district attorney is an attorney who is elected for a four-year term by the voters within the district he or she serves. District attorneys are not allowed to engage in the private practice of law.

The primary duty of the district attorney is to prosecute all criminal cases filed in the district. The district attorney represents the state in all criminal and some juvenile matters. In addition, the district attorney is responsible for preparing the criminal trial docket and advising law enforcement officers in the district.

District Attorney, Reece Saunders

Assistant District Attorneys: Dawn M. Layton (Chief Assistant), Alexandra Boney, Robert H. Gilmore, Amanda Moss

Staff: Dawn M. Snead (Administrative Assistant), Frank Hightower, Kelly Howell

Anson County Office, Office hours: 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. EST.
119 Washington Street
Post Office Box 761
Wadesboro, NC 28170

Phone: 704-994-3810
Fax: 704-994-3811