Welcome to Yadkin County - District 23
Yadkin Courthouse North Carolina's unified Judicial Branch is one of three equal and independent branches of state government. Some counties are grouped together to form one judicial district. The Twenty Third Judicial District is comprised of Alleghany County, Ashe County, Wilkes County and Yadkin County. Each county has a courthouse.

Various types of cases -- such as civil and criminal in superior court; civil, criminal and juvenile in district court; small claims; and estates and special proceedings -- are heard within the courts in Yadkin County.

Yadkin County is located in the Foothills of North Carolina. The rolling hills and convenient location with great highways make Yadkin County a very pleasant place to live and work. The Court system in Yadkin County provides efficient services to all customers, including the processing of passport applications by the Clerk of Court staff.