Court Telephone Directory
Telephone Fax
Superior Court Judges (336) 651-4416 (336) 651-4417
Michael D. Duncan,    
Senior Resident Superior Court Judge    
Patsy Johnson, SC Trial Court Coordinator    
District Court Judges (336) 651-4412 (336) 651-4413
David V. Byrd, Chief District Court Judge    
Jeanie R. Houston, District Court Judge    
William F. Brooks, District Court Judge    
Robert J. Crumpton, District Court Judge    
Rebekah Bray, DC Trial Court Coordinator    
Court Ordered Arbitration (336) 651-4470 (336) 651-4413
  Mary W. Phillips    
District Attorney (336) 679-3610 679-3611
Tom Horner, District Attorney
Brooke Webster
Jane Halsey

Guardian ad Litem (336) 651-4421 651-4422

Clerk of Superior Court (336) 679-3600 679-3601
Beth Holcomb, Clerk of Court
Kristie Graham, Deputy
Tracy York, Deputy
Carolyn Mason, Deputy
April Mendenhall, Deputy
Traci Zachary, Deputy
Sandy McCann, Deputy
Brooke Snow, Deputy
Libby Cook, Deputy
Tammy Brown, Bookkeeper

Magistrates (336) 679-3619
Mitch Davis
Roger Spillman
Larry Adams
John Pardue

Public Defender

Adult Probation Office (336) 679-8481

Juvenile Court Counselors' Office (336) 679-2541