Where to Report
Yadkin County holds the majority of its jury trials in Courtroom 1 on the second floor. Each potential juror is given specific instructions on their Jury Summons as to when and where to report for jury service.

Parking is available all around the courthouse, specifically on the north side at the Town of Yadkinville public parking lot and on the east side of the courthouse in the Yadkin County public parking lot on Elm Street.

Jurors who need to be excused or deferred from jury service must contact the Clerk of Superior Court Office ten (10) days prior to the time they have been summonsed to serve on the jury. The Clerk of Court staff will present requests for being excused or deferred to the next available District Court Judge, who makes the decision as to whether a person will be excused or deferred until another term of court that will require a jury.