Court Telephone Directory
      Telephone Fax
Superior Court Judges (336) 651-4416 651-4417
  Edgar Gregory,    
    Senior Resident Superior Court Judge
  Patsy Johnson, SC Trial Court Coordinator    
District Court Judges (336) 651-4412 651-4413
  Michael D. Duncan, Chief District Court Judge    
  David Byrd    
  Jeanie Houston    
  Rebekah Bray, DC Trial Court Coordinator    
Court Ordered Arbitration (336) 651-4470 651-4413
  Mary W. Phillips    
District Attorney (336) 651-4410 651-4411
Tom Horner, District Attorney    
  Pam Anderson    
  Leigh Bricker    
  Kisa Posey    
  Fred Bauer    
  Rebecca Dowdle    
  Matthew Levchuk    
  Valerie Griffith    
  Susan Shell    
  Jill Oakley    
  Jason McGuire    
  Angela Powell    
Guardian ad Litem (336) 651-4421 651-4422
Clerk of Superior Court (336) 651-4400 651-4401
  Janet D. Handy,    
    Clerk of Superior Court
Juvenile Services (336) 667-1265  
  Bill Davis    
Magistrates (336) 651-4419 651-4420
  Mary Louise Canter    
  Scott Groce    
  Ken Graybeal    
  Rick Anderson    
  Neil Hayes    
  Tylor Roten    
Public Defender