Office Locations & Staff Directory
New Hanover County Pender County
316 Princess Street, Suite 543 100 West Fremont Street
Wilmington, NC 28401 Burgaw, NC 28425
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 352 Mailing Address: P.O. Box 308
Office: 910-772-6610 Office: 910-663-3910
FAX: 910-772-6611 FAX: 910-663-3911

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Staff Directory

District Attorney Administrative Assist. Assistant District Attorneys
Superior Court Docket Manager Family Violence Unit Front Desk
Homicide Investigator Victim Witness Assist. Pender County Office
Liaisons Extraditions & Fugitives
Domestic Violence
District Attorney    
  Benjamin R. David
Administrative Assistant    
    Samantha M. Dooies 772-6934
Front Desk
    Ebony Williams 772-6610
Assistant District Attorneys    
  Felony Screener    
    W. Holt Trotman - Ctrm. 302
  Superior Court    
    Doug Carriker, Felony Motor Vehicle
    Janet Coleman, Financial Crime
    Todd Fennell, First Appearances
    Christa Lawler, Property Crime
    Connie Jordan, Violent Crime
    Dru Lewis, Violent Crime
    Lance Oehrlein, Sexual Crime
    Tom Old, Drug Crime
    Kristen Robinson, Property Crime
    Lillian Salcines Bright, Domestic Violence
    Timothy Severo, Federal Drug Crime
    Jason Smith, Drug Crime
    Barrett Temple, Violent Crime
    Charity Wilson, Federal Firearms
  District Court    
    Alex Nicely - Ctrm 317
    Lindsey Roberson - Ctrm 200
    Erika Jones
Family Violence Unit
    Kerri Leonard,Sex Crimes & Domestic Violence 772-6908
Family Volence Unit Liaison  
    Det. M. G. Beguhl, II, WPD 772-6944  
    Det. T. Kelly, NHS Dept. 798-4286  
    Det. E. Doyle, NHS Dept. 798-4298  
Victim Witness Legal Assistants  
    Caroline Blanton, Juvenile & 772-6903
    Justin Dupree, Federal Drug & 772-6901
    Sandra Exum, Drug Crime 772-6902
    Shannon Hunter, District Ct. 772-6906
    Courtney Last,Violent and Financial Crime 772-6910
    Beverly Pierce, Vehicle & 772-6911
    Violent Crimes    
    Shequana Sidberry,District Court 772-6907
Case Intake/Docket Management    
    Stacy Haines 772-6904
    LaTanya McGuire-Howard 772-6905
Homicide Investigator    
    J. W. Hedge 772-6931
Superior Court Docket Manager 772-6909  
Pender County - Assistant District Attorneys 663-3910
    Joseph Bowman
    Lindsey Luther
Pender County Victim Witness Legal Assistants 663-3910
    Terrie Nelson
    Susan Rivenbark
Wilmington Police Liaison  
    Teshia Caldwell 772-6932  
NHC Sheriff Department Liaison  
    Star McKoy 772-6933  
UNC-Wilmington Liaison  
    Det. C. Padgett 962-7809 (office)