Adult Victims -- What to Expect
As a victim in a felony case you have a right to be informed of the status of the case and to be present at the final disposition of the case if you desire.

You may have already been called by a representative of the District Attorney's Office to determine if the case you are involved in can be disposed of in District Court. We make an effort to dispose of cases as quickly as possible. If the case has been disposed of in District Court then you do not need to send us any of the information below. You may still need to apply through the Victim's Compensation Commission if that is an option with you.

We realize that you may have already supplied some of this information to officers previously, but if you have not already furnished this information to the District Attorney's Office in a felony case please take the time to print, complete, and mail the below Victim Impact Statement, to the District Attorney's Office. This will provide you assurance that we know your views and that your views will be adequately presented to the court in this criminal action. Please be aware that civil remedies may be available and statutes of limitations apply in civil cases. Medical expenses from personal injuries as a result of being a victim of a assault or driving while impaired case may be compensated through the Crime Victim Compensation Commission at 1-800-826-6200. You may call them and get a form or come by and get one from the District Attorney's Office.

Also, because it often becomes necessary in criminal actions to locate victims or witnesses long after the case is concluded, please complete the portion of the Impact Statement concerning your location and address. Please rest assured that unlisted phone numbers and any other information which you desire to have kept confidential will not be released to any other person by our staff.

As you probably know, our caseload is quite heavy. Because of our heavy court schedule it is difficult for the prosecutors to meet with each victim personally except in those cases which actually go forward to a jury trial. However, if you feel that it is necessary to see the prosecutor handling your case personally, please call 341-1401 and a victim witness assistant will discuss the matter with you.

You will undoubtedly receive notices or subpoenas to appear in court. The law requires that we issue these subpoenas even though we may have placed you on a "stand-by" status. A Victim Witness Assistant will let you know when you must actually appear in court. Whenever an officer serves you with a subpoena in your case, whether by phone or in person, you should contact the assigned Victim Witness Assistant at 341-1401. It is important that you not argue with any officer serving a subpoena. The law requires him to order you to appear. We can modify the order for you to appear if you give us adequate information as to how you can be reached. If you have any doubt when you should appear, contact us.