Jury Service

The right to a trial by jury of our fellow citizens is one of our most important rights and is guaranteed by the United States and North Carolina Constitutions. By serving, jurors are helping to preserve this freedom. If you are required to serve on a jury, you may be asked to make decisions that affect others' civil or property rights, or you may be asked to determine someone's right to freedom or even to life itself. Jurors' contributions are invaluable to the court and our democratic tradition.

You, the Juror is a 15 minute video that depicts a typical juror's courtroom experience.

Scam News Alert: Residents Beware of Jury Duty Phone Scam

We want to thank you for finding out more about your upcoming jury duty.

Cases will sometimes settle prior to the day of court, if they all settle you will not be needed as a juror. If you are chosen for a trial, most trials last only a couple of days. In any event, we value your time and will do our best to release you from jury duty as soon as possible.

Please read the information on the Juror Summons, and call the courtesy phone number listed on the summons to see that you are still needed. The menu items listed at the left are designed to give you more detailed information about your jury service. Please do not leave a message at this number.