Administrative Traffic Court in District 5
Administrative Traffic Court meets in Court room 317.This court in Pender County is designed to dispose of infractions and minor traffic offense pleas quickly. If you qualify for this court the officer that cites you for a traffic offense will give you a notice as set out below. If you are cited to this court you may obtain your driving history and bring it to court with you. Trials are not held in administrative traffic court. If you want to be tried for an infraction, you or someone else will have to appear for you in administrative traffic court to obtain a trial date.

Administrative traffic court is designed to better utilize our court resources. We have a limited number of District Court Judges. District Court Judges can try many more serious offenses such as Driving While Impaired cases if they are freed from handling matters that are often administrative. Law enforcement officers' time is better utilized if they are not tied up in court on matters that are often administrative. We are adding additional law enforcement officers, but we have the same number of judges and court rooms. Law enforcement officers are not present for Administrative Traffic Court. A judge will be present in Administrative Traffic Court.