Welcome to New Hanover County - District 5
NewHanover Courthouse On behalf of all the judges, court officials, and staff from Pender and New Hanover Counties, we welcome you to this site. It is our hope that the information you see will help you to navigate the sometimes difficult court system. We offer you our assistance, to the extent that we are able, within the confines of law and ethics. Please understand that in many cases we are not able to be as helpful as we would like.

The Clerk of Court is the constitutional custodian of all court records. Most questions that cannot be answered here should be directed to the Clerk's office.

The District Attorney sets the criminal calendars, they will not continue your case over the phone. You may call that office, visit their web site or come to any criminal court prior to your court date to speak to an Assistant District Attorney.

The Judges' Office will not allow people who are involved in litigation to speak to the judges privately. You can only speak to the judges in public, in the courtroom, in the presence of the opposing people. This is a statewide ethical guideline.

The Court has a number of courts and programs that may be helpful. Please feel free to review these programs on-line or call the phone numbers listed.