How You Can Help
  • Encourage elected officials to adopt the goals of Fight Crime: Invest in Kids. Fight Crime: Invest in Kids has a four step plan to reduce school and youth violence.
    1. Assure all school-age children and teens access to after-school, weekend and summer youth development programs to shut down the "Prime Time for Juvenile Crime."
    2. Assure all babies and preschool children access to the quality educational child care programs proven to cut crime.
    3. Help schools identify troubled and disruptive children at an early age, and provide children and their parents with the counseling and training that can help kids get back on track.
    4. Improve deficient parenting and prevent child abuse and neglect by: a) Offering high-risk parents in-home parenting-coaching; and b) making sure child protective, foster care and adoption agencies services have policies and enough well-trained staff to protect and heal abused and neglected children.
  • Call 791-8510 and volunteer to be a Big Buddy to some boy or girl. This is an extremely successful program. Often there are 135 young people on a waiting list to get a Big Buddy in New Hanover County. The commitment is four hours a week for a year. Over ninety percent of the young people that have a Big Buddy for a year do not return to court.
  • Encourage addicts to enter the drug court program if they are arrested for a drug offense. They can call TASC at 762 5333 and ask to speak to Dennis Hufham to apply.
  • Report Crimes that you witness and testify in court.
  • Be a role model for young people in your community.
  • Serve on jury duty.
  • Insure that law enforcement has adequate resources to get the job done.
  • Do not ride with a drinking driver or let anyone drink and drive your automobile.
  • Volunteer to work at the Domestic Violence Shelter, Rape Crisis Center,and any agency preventing child abuse.
  • Tell people that real men do not batter their partners and children.
  • Volunteer to be a mentor for a young person.
  • Volunteer to work in the public schools.
  • Become active in promoting elder rights.