How the Program Works
Sentencing Services offers comprehensive background information on felony offenders who are at imminent risk to re-offend without intervention. The District Attorney Office's staff gathers and verifies information by interviewing family members, employers, schools, treatment providers, law enforcement, and probation officers.

Risk/Need assessments are performed on each client using the Level of Service Inventory (LSI-R) and the Adult Substance Use Survey (ASUS). These assessment instruments are based on over thirty years of research in the criminal justice field and are designed to pinpoint specific factors that must be addressed to prevent a defendant from re-offending. Potential risk/need factors include addictions, mental illness, learning disabilities, employment, and homelessness.

Our staff works to link clients with appropriate resources to address these factors prior to Court. Appropriate resources include community options as well as Department of Corrections' options. All information is compiled into a formal report that is presented to the Court at the time of sentencing. Sentencing Services encourages referrals from Judges, Defense Attorneys, and Assistant District Attorneys.