Appearance in District Court
You must appear in administrative traffic court on the date set on your ticket unless you pay off the ticket beforehand.

We cannot give you legal advice such as how a speed reduction or driving school alternate will affect your insurance points you will need to check with the North Carolina Department of Insurance. You may ask your attorney for advice about your citation. Your attorney may waive your appearance for you. Defendants wanting to plead guilty to a lesser offense should appear personally or through counsel prepared to propose a lesser offense to the Assistant District Attorney.

  1. BRING: Pink copy of ticket AND CASH. Bring at least $100.00 court cost and $25.00 for a fine in case one is to be imposed.
  2. PLACE: Room 317, 3rd Floor, New Hanover County Judicial Building, 4th & Princess Street, Wilmington, NC.
  3. DATE: Only on the date of your ticket.
  4. COURT COSTS AND FINES: Cash only no checks.
  5. CONTINUANCES: If you cannot appear or want a trial, have your attorney or someone appear for you and find out your trial date.
  6. NO SHOWS: If you do not show up, your license will be revoked and you will also owe an additional $50.00 penalty.
  7. EXPIRED LICENSE/INSPECTION/ACCIDENTS: Bring a current driver's license. Get your car inspected or proof it was sold. If involved in an accident, you may want to bring a letter from your insurance company stating whether they are assuming liability for the other person's damages.