District 19B Family Court

Family Court was established in District 19B in April 2008 as a specialized court centered on the "One Judge - One Family" concept. Family Court seeks to consolidate all domestic and juvenile court issues involving the same family before one judge. Family Court incorporates administrative practices, such as monitoring whether cases are resolved according to time standard goals or statutes, which promote timely resolution of family legal issues.

Family Court has jurisdiction over all domestic and juvenile actions filed in Montgomery, Moore and Randolph Counties. The family court case coordinators schedule cases on the judges' court docket and continuously monitor the cases to ensure timely disposition. The case coordinators also schedule methods of alternative dispute resolution such as, custody mediation orientation, parent education and family financial mediation that can assist families in resolving or narrowing their legal issues so that a trial before a judge is either shorter, or no longer necessary. The case coordinators directly manage and monitor cases on a day-to-day basis and communicate with the parties in the case, any attorneys or other interested parties about the status of cases. From the time a lawsuit is filed, case coordinators begin managing the case by assigning a judge that will preside over all of the issues in the case, communicating with any lawyers or pro se parties about calendaring hearings and tracking the case's progress for time standard goals or statutory goals. Case time standards are dependent on the legal issue raised, but ideally, the majority of domestic issues should have a permanent resolution within one year from the date the lawsuit is filed.

Contact information can be obtained through the Staff link.